Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye Old House

We sold our house in Austin (finally!). It was bittersweet. We are very happy to not have two mortgage payments anymore, but that was our first house we have ever bought. Many great things happened while we lived there. Jackson was only six months old when we moved and he did so many of his "firsts" at this house. This is where we lived when Abbey was born and she too did most of her "firsts" while we lived there. This was our last "tie" to the time that we lived in Austin and while we are happy to be starting a new chapter in our life, I am still sad to say bye to the good friends, jobs, and even house that we had when we lived there.

This is a picture when we bought the house in 2004. We were so excited about our first home! Moving in - Baby Jackson, Clint and I.Bringing Abbey home from the hospital.

Our house was on the market for quite a while before it sold and we were starting to worry over it a bit. So, my cousin recommeded a helpful solution in selling our house. She said to bury a St. Joseph statue in the yard and your house will sell in 6 weeks. Of course, Clint thought this was a crazy idea and would have no part in it. So, one Saturday, my mom, the kids and I all went to Austin and buried the statue. You have to bury him under the For Sale sign and say a little prayer. We must have looked strange to the neighbors while we were gathered around a hole in the front yard kneeling and saying a prayer. Jackson eventually got tired of it and went to sit on the porch and watch his crazy mom and grandma. Anyway, we got an offer on the house and from the day that I buried the statue until the day that our sale closed was 5 weeks and 4 days! We had to dig up the statue and now we have to place him in our new home for a year (those are the rules!). Although he will never admit it, I think Clint is glad that St. Joseph and I helped in selling the house!
The day we sold the house. (Clint is holding the statue even though you can't see him.)

Thank you, St. Joseph!

Also, thanks to our wonderful real estate agent, Nick, whose hard work got the house sold and deal closed. (St. Joseph and I cannont take all of the credit!)

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Adam & Andrew said...

What a funny story! Congrats on the big sale!